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9 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Promotional Products

Grow Your Business


9 Promotional Product Tips To Grow Your Business


1. Improve Customer Retention Rates

It's a fact that keeping a customer is cheaper than acquiring a new one. Therefore, you need to leave a good impression each and every time you see existing clients.

The true value of promotional products shine in this situation. You can leave something that has your logo the prospect can actually "use" for a long period of time. Not to mention, you can leave a different product every visit.

Solo Docking Station (Front)
Solo Docking Station (back)

Practical Example: A solo docking station will sit on a desk all year. It's used to hold items they reach for regularly.Your brand is right there in front of them.

2. Develop New Business

Retaining customers is one key to success, but NO business grows without acquiring new business.

Having a sales team give a branded product to a potential customer helps build trust and establishes a personal relationship. A certain level of trust is required to close any sale. Trust is built off of brand awareness. Think about the clothes and other items you buy without much thought. You purchase them because of their brand and the percieved trust that comes with it.

3. Stand Out in Trade Shows & Career Fairs

Setting up a booth is a half the battle of trade shows. The second half, is visiting with prospects and earning their business.

Branded merchandise increases your success at these shows. The best use for promotional products during trade shows & career fairs are to "break the ice" and entice those walking by to approach your booth. Having someone walk up by giving them a gift will easily open up the converstation and allow you to move into the sales pitch.

Practical Example: This phone screen magnifyer is sure to grab the attention and is a great conversation starter. It is also cost effective to hand out to a mass amount of people. (Pricing as low as $2.59 each)

4. Employee Appreciation

Happy employees are a necessity for any business to function. It can be tough to show them appreciation sometimes. A monetary gift is not the only way you can accomplish this. No one would complain about getting a free company jacket or stainless steel tumbler.

Gifting your employees products they can use, but also advertise your brand is a "win-win" situation. Your employees will remember this moment everytime they use the product, giving them a postive boost in morale. Happy employees produce the best.

5. Giveaways for Exposure

Promotional products also can be used for giveaways and contests. Enticing people to follow you on social media, to complete your survey, or to leave a review just got a whole lot easier. Just give them something in return!

6. Advertisement at Company Events

Hosting or sponsoring events is a remarkable marketing tool. Making the most of the event will be a priority. Everyone needs to know who exactly made the event happen. No matter the type of event, there are promotional products that fit the category. What is a company event without brand exposure?

7. Reward Purchases

Surprise your buyers with a random "thank you" promotional product. The unexpected surprise will increase your chances for them to refer you to others or return again for another purchase.

Practical Example: A stylus pen, is a simple way to say thank you for purchasing your product or serivices. Usefull for businesses with high volume of sales.

Stylus Pen

8. Increase Supplier/Vendor Relationships

Another gold nugget for you! Having great relationships with your suppliers and vendors is a must. Branded products can be used to improve the relationship, say thank you, and maybe get better pricing from your suppliers.

9. Product Launch

Introduce a new product or service by giving away related promotional products. Finding ways to inform your customers requires creativity and promo products are a phenomonal way to do so.


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