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The Skill You Should Rely On The Most...

self awareness


It is nearly impossible to replicate another person's actions and get identical results. You may get close, but it won't be exactly replicated. As humans we are inherently unique from each other. We possess different abilities, skills, and thoughts. That is why there is one skill everyone should rely on the most. Self Awareness.

The worst part... is self awareness can't be taught. It's in your DNA. It can be improved, but only through experiences. In my opinion, the ability to deploy a massive amount of self awareness, can save you the most time and give you direction in any area of your life.

Why I rely on self awareness and you should to!


Saving time, especially in this modern era, is a hot commodity. Being able to deploy self awareness correctly can save you more time than any "productivity" app on your mobile phone.

Let me provide you with a real example. From very early on in my childhood, I knew I couldn't sing. I am basically incapable of providing any type of sound that is pleasurable to another person's ears. Had I spent my entire life trying to become a singer, I firmly believe I lacked the talent to become successful. Sure, I could improve... But why improve at something I am average or below average at, when I can focus on the things I am good at?

Deploying self awareness to identify my skills, saves me on time by not spending it on areas that won't transform into anything great. Executing self awareness correctly can save you years of time.


If you are self aware and can identify the things you are naturally gifted at, this enables you to focus and have direction in a specific area. This is why I am focusing so hard on my business. Why? Because running this business allows me to use the abilities I've found to be naturally talented at. Therefore, I am spending every ounce of energy I have to improving those talents, in order to hopefully be amazing at them.

It feels as if I have a purpose or a sense of direction. Everyday I am doing something I know how to do well and I will become even better at it. It is such is an incredible feeling.


We have all heard the saying before. "You are a jack of all trades, but a master at none." Which means that you are accomplishing many tasks in different areas, but you are not an expert at any of them.

Why would anyone want to be average at everything? Instead, I recommend deploying self awareness (if you have it), to determine your strengths. Then bet it all on that!

In conclusion, society gives us the perception that we shouldn't "put all our eggs in one basket" and play it safe. To me, the safe bet is going all in on my passion and my natural talents. I will be much happier in the end. So even if I don't achieve what I want to achieve, I at least will know that I gave it my best shot on what I was the best at.

- Michael Coleman

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